Below are our Regional and National Networks. Please email our networks if you wish to get in touch: 

SDSN Amazonia

(Manaus, Brazil)


SDSN Brazil

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


SDSN Indonesia

(Jakarta, Indonesia)


SDSN Andes

(Urcuquí, Ecuador)


SDSN Caribbean

(Kingston, Jamaica)


SDSN Italia

(Milan, Italy)


SDSN Australia/Pacific

(Melbourne, Australia)


SDSN Great Lakes

(Kigali, Rwanda)


SDSN Greece

(Athens, Greece)


SDSN Malaysia

(Kuala Lumpur)



SDSN Mediterranean

(Siena, Italy)


SDSN Nigeria

(Ibadan, Nigeria)


SDSN Northern Europe

(Gothenburg, Sweden)


SDSN Philippines

(Manila, Philippines)


SDSN Russia

(Moscow, Russia)


SDSN Sahel

(Dakar, Senegal)



SDSN South Korea

(Seoul, South Korea)


SDSN South Asia

(New Delhi, India)


SDSN Spain

(Madrid, Spain)


SDSN Turkey

(Istanbul, Turkey)