UN Climate Change News 8 February 2018 – The UN’s top climate change official Patricia Espinosa has called on the world’s youth to be more proactive in protecting their future by taking climate action and standing up for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, above all at community level.

Reaching out to youth is increasingly important for the United Nations and many other organizations that rely on the creativity and dynamism of young people to fill international agreements such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Global Goals with life.

“What we need right now – in this moment – are the ideas, innovation and energy that bring solutions to all countries, all markets and all people around the world,” she said.

Patricia Espinosa spoke at a webinar hosted by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which is composed of 500 global sustainable development organizations from more than 70 countries.

Patricia Espinosa said in the webinar that if there is a lack of climate activism in their communities, young activist leaders should and must start the conversation, starting with widespread communication of climate facts. “Sharing information and knowledge is key for climate action. Influence those around you – friends, teachers, parents, grand-parents. It’s never too late to learn and change.”

Patricia Espinosa also called on young people to make use of their buying power as consumers:

“In every decision you make every day, think about the environmental impact of your action… If you are going to buy something, if you are going to eat something, what does it imply in terms of environmental impact? asked Ms. Espinosa of the youth watching around the world.

The UN’s Climate Chief underlined the importance of divesting from carbon-intensive assets at the Investor Summit on Climate Risk in January, and extended this responsibility to young people during her remarks. “If you have savings, where are you going to put them? What is that financial institution doing with your money?” said Ms. Espinosa.

Despite the steep climate challenge that faces humanity, the Executive Secretary said she remained optimistic, and furthermore, committed the force of UN Climate Change to act as an amplifier for youth input. “UN Climate Change will help your voice be heard – at our annual conferences, online and across the world. We stand at the crossroads. Now is your moment.”

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This post was originally published by UN Climate Change.

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