Bandung, 26 February 2018 – In celebration of Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional (National Waste Awareness Day) and with the holding of the Tiga Bulan Bersih Sampah (Three Months Clean from Trash) campaign from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (KLHK), Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) held an interactive campaign titled Zero Waste Youth Festival.

The issue of plastic waste, especially plastic bags, at the moment is pressing to be resolved. With a national waste reduction target of 30% and waste handling of 70% by 2025, the role of various parties is needed to create a solution to solve the problem. GIDKP targets the youth to be involved in the Zero Waste Youth Festival. The purpose is so that the Indonesian youth can gain a deeper understanding of the issue of plastic waste and encourage them to be more active and participative in resolving this problem. “The youth is often more advanced in creating solutions, as long as they are supported to act. We want to invite the youth to increase their existence in solving environmental problems, especially the problem of waste. Furthermore, we want to invite the people to see that an environmental campaign with the youth can be realized through many interesting and innovative ways,” says Tiza Mafira, Executive Director of GIDKP.

The series of events in the Zero Waste Youth Festival was held on 24 February 2018 in Cimahi, 26 February 2018 in Bandung, and 6-7 March in Soreang, Bandung District. This event involved stakeholders, among which are the government and parliament, academics and experts, philanthropists and businesses, and civil society groups as well as media. This event supports the creative economy sector as one of the approaches used to push an increase of awareness and behavioural change.

Zero Waste Youth Festival was filled with many interesting activities, such as zero waste seminar, plastic hunt race using the “Augmented Reality” interactive application, plastic robbery, movie screening, youth dialogue studio, recycling workshop, a music performance by Arina Ephipania feat. Indrakustik and the application of zero waste event throughout the festival. This event was attended by Rosa Vivien Ratnawati as Directorate General of Waste, Hazardous and Toxic Materials Management KLHK, Ngatiana as Vice Mayor of Cimahi, and was led by TV host and Plastic Bag Diet Ambassador Nadia Mulya as the moderator.

Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, Directorate General of Waste, Hazardous and Toxic Materials Management KLHK stated that she hopes The Zero Waste Youth Festival is able to contribute to creating solutions of waste management that can be developed all over Indonesia in the framework of creative economy, which in turn will solve waste problems, including plastic waste, which is also an international issue.


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Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) is a national association that invites people to be wiser in using plastic bags. GIDKP conducts many efforts and partners with various parties, such as the government, the private sector, communities, and people in general, to reduce excessive use of plastic bags together.

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