The General Assembly of SDSN Mediterranean was held on the February 16th in Rome, Italy. Fabrizio Saladini, youth representative for the SDSN Mediterranean Regional Network, gave a presentation of SDSN Youth activities. 

The assembly has seen several contributions from the SDSN Meditteranean members by means of presentations and stimulating debates. Firstly some new national networks were launched. Andreas Papandreu, co-chair of SDSN Greece, presented the overall goals of the newborn network and the related planned activities. Maria Cortes Puch from UN SDSN global presented SDSN Spain on behalf of co-chair Miguel Angel Moratinos. She also took the opportunity to announce the recently constituted SDSN GermanyBahar Ozay presents SDSN Turkey describing the network, the overall aims and ongoing projects. Isabella Alloisio from FEEM presents SDSN Italy. Its formal constitution will be ratified on 14 March in Milano during the Conference “La ricerca e l’innovazione per gli SDGs: verso una crescita verde ed inclusiva”, event where it is expected the participation ofProf. Jeffrey Sachs.

Another interesting point was about the Educational Initiatives to promote SDGs implementation in the MED Area. Prof. Cristina Capineri (University of Siena) addressed the topic first showing some background thoughts with reference to some results obtained by the Sustainability Literacy Test which was carried out in 2014.

Alessandra Viviani (University of Siena) made a short presentation of PRIMA Initiative, that is an integrated programme on food systems and water resources for the development of inclusive, sustainable and healthy Euro-Mediterranean societies.

Simone Bastianoni (University of Siena) presented a draft of a monitoring system for the PRIMA Initiative. The SDGs are the basis for the selection of indicators for the assessment of the progress due to the PRIMA Initiative. The indicators (12 for now but they could become 15) have been selected in order to cover the goals n.2 and n.6 dedicated primarily to food and water but also to have impact on several other of the SDGs.

Fabrizio Saladini is the Youth Representative for SDSN Mediterranean. All opinions expressed on the blog are the opinions of the author and not of SDSN Youth.