We are excited to announce the Global Arts Program, in partnership with two young musicians - Yuri and Vladislav Boguinia!

In September of this year, members of SDSN Youth were fortunate enough to attend the "Music for a Sustainable Planet" concert in New York City, hosted by The International Conference on Sustainable Development. The evening featured world-renown musical groups The Kronos Quartet and ÆON Music Ensemble performing works inspired by the imminent threat of Climate Change, allowing the audience to envisage rising CO2 levels in a stunning visual and aural display. 

Following the success of the concert, Yuri and Vladislav Boguinia wish to involve more youth in advocacy for climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through art. Global Arts serves as a platform for which young people can showcase their creativity and facilitate positive change.

This initiative will enable artists and world leaders all over the world to employ the enthusiasm of youth to address social issues and promote global change for a more sustainable future. 

Youth movements operate and thrive outside of formal mediums of political involvement, art is one of the most effective and powerful of these mediums. It is an influential channel of communication and expresses ideas and visions that surpass the capacity of words.

New principles are formed through new experiences and the arts provide a unique place where new ideas can take shape, be explored, and old ideas can be strengthened. Global Arts provides an infrastructure for a global network of collaboration between artists, politicians, scholars, and world leaders of all ages. The initiative embraces the social function of art and views it as a profound reflection of society and a powerful means to achieve sustainability.

Global Arts strives to promote a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences among cultures, races, and religions through artworks of all generations which reflect youthful courage, selflessness, passion and the desire for action over a life of idleness. 

To find out more, visit our Arts page here.