Imagining the future can be overwhelming and exciting; for many of us the idea of how our lives would be in 2030 seems fairly distant. Yet, our daily actions and choices determine and build up the future we will enjoy in the years to come. The Sustainable Development Goals help us shaping that future by serving as an universal guideline of the achievements we must accomplish together as a global society.

Young people have high-stakes in making sure the 2030 Agenda is a success as this will shape the world we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. With that in mind, young people around the world have taken action towards making the SDGs a reality.

On International Youth Day, SDSN Youth will be celebrating youth empowerment and youth ownership of the SDGs with the launch of the online campaign #OwnYourGoals.

#OwnYourGoals aims to use photos to show the world how young people are taking ownership of the SDGs. You are invited to share a photo capturing a moment showing the world how they are taking ownership of the SDGs.

Young people have the power to mobilize with the purpose of finding meaningful solutions towards achieving zero poverty and no hunger by 2030. Young people will use their power to utilise data to connect and share solutions, engineering clean energy technology, standing up for gender equality, volunteering in health and sanitation, all the way to creating a recycling program in their neighbourhood; youth are both an advocate and a dynamo of every single one of the 17 SDGs.

The theme of International Youth Day 2016 is “Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production.” Young people are part of the age group which is more likely to base consumption patterns depending on the company’s social and environmental responsibility, more likely to chose their job based on the company’s values, and also more likely to volunteer in poverty reduction efforts.

In a nutshell, young people are the key in shaping production as we will manage responsible companies in the years to come, and we understand that we need to work together so poverty and underdevelopment have no place in our future.

Maybe not all of us can be Malala, but our diversity and endless imagination allow us to work relentlessly to find new ways of improving our world. Incorporating the SDGs in our daily life is already a good start.

#OwnYourGoals is about celebrating all those efforts that young people do, we would like to show the world that the 2030 Agenda is ours and we are working hard towards achieving it.

SDSN Youth takes pride in connecting and celebrating inspiring youth in all the corners of the world. Young people’s engagement in making the SDGs a reality encourages their communities to become part of the global movement towards a sustainable future.

If we want the SDGs to be successful we need to get together and join our efforts. Participate and learn more about our campaign, show the world how you #OwnYourGoals.