In October 2017, the SDSN Youth Russia team participated in the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, as a part of the «Know Your Goals campaign. The UN Sustainable Development Goals» organized by SDSN Russia member – Open School of Sustainable Development. The main theme of the section was the role of youth and universities in the promotion and localization of SDGs.

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According to Tatiana Lanshina, SDSN Youth Network Coordinator (Russia) and research Associate at the Centre for Economic Modelling of Energy and Ecology, RANEPA, universities play one of the leading roles in the promotion and implementation of SDGs because of the two main reasons. First, their employees include influential professors who are able to exert an impact at decision-makers and top managers as well as to contribute to some strategic documents. Second, universities educate future engineers, entrepreneurs, managers and top managers, politicians. In Tatiana’s opinion, it is highly important to teach sustainable development not only to the future sustainable development professionals, but to all students. Not only top managers, but also ordinary performers should be forward-thinking, and everybody must be aware of the basic principles of the ecological behaviour and responsible consumption.

Sustainable development principles are already being implemented in the RANEPA’s research process. Also, in 2017, the Faculty of economics and social sciences of RANEPA, together with Unilever, started the course “Best practices of sustainable development” for students of the third year of Bachelor’s degree. In 2018, the faculty intends to open Master’s program “Sustainable Development”, the first one in Russia.

Larisa Volovikova, a Campus Coordinator for SDSN Youth (Russia), noted that young people can be reached through hashtags and flash mobs on the internet. In the dissemination of new ideas, including the ideas of sustainable development, it is important even just to share the news and to use hashtags. This already allows promotion SDGs among the youth.

Viktor Chistyakov, the co-founder of the «International Partnership and Development» organization, also participated in the discussion. Nelya Rakhimova, the founder and the head of the Open School of Sustainable Development, acted as a moderator. After panel session, the speakers held a workshop on SDGs. All participants were divided into three groups that discussed the promotion of SDG №3 (Good Health and Well-Being), №10 (Reduced Inequalities) and №13 (Climate Action). At the end of the section, each of the groups presented an action plan on their SDG in Russia.

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Tatiana Lanshina is a Research Associate at the Centre for Economic Modelling of Energy and Ecology in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Moscow. She is also a Network Coordinator for SDSN Youth in Russia. Her research is mainly focused on the economics of renewable energy and on the transition to sustainable energy solutions. Tatiana Lanhina is the author of more than 50 articles in scientific journals and media.