In July, SDSN Youth Amazonia organized the “Social Inequalities and Their Faces” roundtable during the Sustainable Weekend in Manaus.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Amazonia (SDSN Youth – Amazonia) promoted on September 30, a debate titled "Social Inequalities and Their Faces" during the Sustainable Weekend Manaus 2017 (Virada Sustentável, in Portuguese). The debate had about 50+ participants, where they could listen and talk about the faces of social inequality, how it presents itself in contemporary society and who are the people that are affected by it.

Guests such as the sociologist and professor at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) Luiz Fernando Santos Souza; student of the Literature undergrad (UFAM) and militant of the Black Feminist Movement Jéssica Dandara; the LGBT cause activist and cultural producer (Coletivo Difusão, in Portuguese) Paulo Trindade; a master's degree in anthropology from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) Mariazinha; and the human rights lawyer Izabel Cipriano spoke about racism, transphobia and homophobia, and about other kinds of prejudices that are still present currently.

The debate, based on SDG #10 (reduce inequalities), began with Professor Luiz Fernando Santos where he spoke on contextualizing social inequality. The other guests were able to talk about how social inequality affects black women and men, about the withdrawal of rights that indigenous people face, and about the intolerance that members of the LGBT community in Brazil suffer.

Leaving the comfort zone, where certain subjects are avoided from being discussed, was one of the motivations of creating a space for debate like this. For the Youth Representative of SDSN Youth Amazonia, Gabriela Sampaio, the debate sought to awaken reflections and seek to change people's misconceptions - thoughts that often lead to disrespect and lack of awareness of people about their privileges in an unequal society.

"The qualified debate aimed to promote a critical look at the differentiation and inequalities present in society. For this, we need the articulation and interaction between different groups/representatives of important causes that work in the region, such as the black movement, LGBT+, and indigenous peoples. So that we are clear about the need for equal opportunities for all" Gabriela said.

A strong ally for the promotion of a society that contemplates all respecting its multiplicities are the SDGs. Still, for Gabriela, it is necessary to talk more about SDGs, and that the guidelines of each of the 17 SDGs can be integrated into people's lives. "SDGs have been implemented and are in the day to day of people, who are often overlooked or neglected, since the focus of the discussions is 'sustainable development for all' ”, the representative explains.

SDSN Youth Amazonia is on the creative board of the Sustainable Weekend organization since 2016 with 36 organizations and in 2017, Sustainable Weekend hosted more than 250 activities in the city of Manaus.  


Gabriela Sampaio is undergrad in economics at Federal University of Amazonas. She thought she was going to work in bank and with finances until an opportunity to study environmental studies abroad made her change (Washington and Lee University) and since then she took another path. Currently works at Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) at the Innovative Solutions Program with international cooperation and public policies for forest conservation. Beyond that, she is part of the executive secretary of SDSN Amazonia and is a youth representative of SDSN Youth.