Md Rezwan Siddiqui, Local Pathways Fellow (Dhaka, Bangladesh), UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Initiative

We, the people of South Asia, have grown up with the mesmerizing story of Kuala Lumpur. How a city like ours has transformed itself into an example of urban development, combining heritage, culture, and modernity. Kuala Lumpur as a host city for the World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) is the true depiction of the significance of its success.

The city welcomed me with a warm heart. Over the time of a week, I enjoyed two things most: the diversity of culture and the Malaysian hospitality. I especially enjoyed the two technical visits to Putrajaya, Sanway City, and Pantai Sewage Treatment Plant. It was definitely a bonus to get the opportunity of visiting Think City, a Malaysian non-governmental organization, and also get the chance to present our project there. I was impressed by their ideas for urban space innovation.

Last, but definitely not least, it was an immersive experience with UN SDSN Youth delegates. Participating in sessions and workshops with other Local Pathways fellows and SDSN members gave me a unique opportunity of learning with continuous discussion and sharing. The organization of the Side Event was top notch, and it felt really great to see so many of the audience’s comments after the event. We really are making some impact!

At the WUF9 official Side Event, I presented about my project ‘SDG Lab’, which is an initiative to empower through training, the Bangladeshi youth - especially those living in urban areas. Bangladesh is now one of the most rapidly-growing economies at a global scale, despite the continuous threat of disaster and climate change. To sustain development within the planetary boundary, the youths need to be empowered with the knowledge of sustainable development – SDG Lab works with this aim.


Md Rezwan Siddiqui

Md Rezwan Siddiqui