During the first half of 2018, SDSN Youth worked to strengthen and expand its networks globally, with 20 regional/national networks coordinating over 140 core people Assembly members across 35 countries and 700 organizations across 85 countries.


Second edition of the Youth Solutions Report launched at HLPF

The second edition of the Youth Solutions Report which identifies 50 youth-led projects that aim to solve the world’s toughest issues, was released on July 16 in New York during the UN High Level Political Forum. Like its 2017 predecessor, this year’s Youth Solutions Report provides these initiatives with a powerful platform to secure funding, build capacity, communicate experiences, and scale efforts. In addition, the 2018 edition includes in-depth analysis of the multiple challenges facing youth-led innovation for the SDGs, and proposes a set of concrete recommendations for all stakeholders that can help create more integrated ecosystems of support for young change makers.


Publication of the Know Your Goals global campaign report

In April 2018, SDSN Youth released the #KnowYourGoals campaign report, which recognizes the efforts of 150 communities and organizations in localizing the SDGs. The report showcases more than 150 events were organized in 38 countries and more than 10,000 people were involved.


Launch of the Global Schools Ambassadors Program in 15 countries

In June, SDSN Youth announced the appointment of 53 Global Schools Ambassadors operating in 15 countries across 6 regions, with the mission to integrate the SDGs in a school settings and coordinate local efforts to empower schools and teachers to educate children on the SDGs using a variety of tools and resources.


Youth, Peace & Security report outcomes

In April, SDSN Youth celebrated the launch of the Progress Study on Youth, Peace & Security - a report submitted by the UN Secretary General to the Security Council, recognizing the importance of youth as agents of change in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security. In submitting a thematic paper on the impacts of climate change on youth, peace & security , SDSN Youth had a lasting impact on the Progress Study, which will drive policymaking for many years to come.


Webinar the head of UN Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa

In February, the Global Coordinator of SDSN Youth, Siamak Sam Loni, hosted a webinar with the Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Ms Patricia Espinosa to discuss the importance of the Paris Agreement and actions young people can take in their communities to implement its targets. The webinar reached more than 7000 people around the globe and was shared more than 150 times.


Launch of SDG Zone at the Global Festival of Action in Bonn

The Networks Project Lead of SDSN Youth attended the Global Festival of Action in Bonn, where he announced the launch of the SDG Zone - a one-stop landing page for young people to find out about the SDGs. The platform aims to connect young people with the plethora of resources that already exist, reducing the barriers that stand in the way of young people trying to find out or discover more about the SDGs.


Coffee Study Program with Lavazza

The Coffee Study Program was initiated by Lavazza in early 2018 in partnership with SDSN Youth and Oxfam. The program gathered 4 young students from different countries for a two-week immersive experience with Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable coffee development projects at Lavazza.

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Partnership with Youth Opportunities platform

As part of a shared vision to empower youth to take action on the SDGs, in February SDSN Youth partnered with Youth Opportunities to make the SDGs a search criterion through which young people can find opportunities on youthop.com, where thousands of weekly visitors search for projects, events and programs to become involved with.


2018 Happiness Festival in Indonesia

The second annual Happiness Festival was recently held in Indonesia under the patronage of the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), SDSN, Project Semesta, and United in Diversity, or UID (the host of SDSN Southeast Asia). The Happiness Festival aims to ignite a global movement for happiness by combining social, ecological, and spiritual messaging around the SDGs.


UNLEASH Innovation Labs 2018

In June, SDSN Youth attended and supported the UNLEASH Innovation Labs in Singapore as a partner organization. SDSN Youth nominated expert facilitators to coordinate the Innovation labs in Singapore, which hosted more than 1000 young people from 150 countries, working for 5 days to generate ideas for SDG implementation.


First edition of the Investment Readiness Program

The first Youth Investment Readiness Program was launched in early 2018 in partnership with Bayer AG and Babele.co. The program trained young entrepreneurs featured in the 2017 Youth Solutions Report with the skills they needed to attract investors and take their solutions to scale, with specific sessions dedicated to marketing, pitch development, revenue modeling, and developing a business plan.


World Urban Forum and the success of the Local Pathways Fellowship

In February, at the World Urban Forum (WUF) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SDSN Youth gathered 11 outstanding young urban leaders from different cities as part of its program, the Local Pathways Fellowship - a network of young thought leaders, urban planners, researchers and innovators from over 50 cities to advance local dialogue, collaboration and problem-solving around the SDGs and to make their cities “smart, fair and sustainable”. Through a 12-month training program and peer-to-peer learning, the Fellowship empowered these young leaders to implement the SDGs in their cities through localized urban focused projects. See how the fellows are hoping to transform their cities by 2030 through their local projects: