During the spring semester of 2019, I have had the great opportunity and privilege to visit the International School of the Gothenburg Region 5th graders. During the spring they have been working on their Exhibition projects focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the semester I have been truly amazed by the creativity and effort these 5 graders have put into their project spanning from creating podcasts, bake sales, blog posts, and research projects to teaching younger kids and engaging their parents and relatives in sustainable development. Together we have discussed students role in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and how to act on their newly gained knowledge about them.

It is my strongest conviction that we need to not only encourage children creativity, courage and endurance in order to have a realistic chance of actually achieving the SDG’s - and we, as drivers of change, decision makers and advocate also need to utilize children's abilities to come up with new innovative ideas and projects.

Thank you ISGR for inviting me and I hope this experience has been as rewarding for you as it has been for me! Below you find some examples of a project that the 5 graders have been working on.


Karin Bylund is the Network Coordinator for SDSN Youth in Northern Europe and project manager at Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development. She has a background in the Swedish civil society with wide experience from working with issues related to youth empowerment and higher education. She currently serves as the secretary and SDSN Youth in Northern Europe's representative in the ReGeneration 2030 steering committee.