SDSN Youth releases #KnowYourGoals campaign report to showcase local efforts for sustainable development  


10 April, New York - The #KnowYourGoals campaign report, which showcases the efforts of 150 communities and organizations in localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was released today and is available here.

The 2017 #KnowYourGoals campaign, pioneered by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth), is a global initiative to empower communities to take ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by inviting local organizers, particularly young people, to raise awareness of the SDGs within local campuses and communities.

The campaign was launched in June 2017 by SDSN Youth in partnership with the UN Major Group for Children, Restless Development, Youth Power, Earth Charter, and AIESEC.

During this edition of the campaign, more than 150 events were organized in 38 countries and more than 10,000 people were involved. Through the promotion of the events on our online platforms, we were able to generate more than 28k social media impressions.

The report highlights some of the events organized worldwide and showcases the energy of young people in advocating for sustainable development in their local campuses and communities.

“On behalf of the Campaigns Team, I would like to thank all the local organizers who made this campaign possible. Their commitment and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.” said Giulia Carcasci, SDSN Youth Campaign Project Leader.

To see the final report, click here.

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Are you looking for powerful images of young people advocating for SDGs? Look no further!
We just released today the 2017 #KnowYourGoals campaign report, which showcases the efforts of 150 youth-led events in localizing the SDGs in their communities. Check it out!