On April 12, 2019, Kathmandu University SDG Students Hub came to an agreement with Youth Opportunities Nepal by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on partnering for youth development and designing strategies to ensure inclusive and sustainable development opportunities for youth. Kathmandu University SDG Students Hub prior to the MoU, organized an orientation for a second group of Hub members. It  is really an honor to learn that the KU Hub has been maintaining a very good impression in the global youth platform of SDG which is named as SDSN Youth, a global initiative under the affiliation of United Nations Secretary General. The Hub has been mobilizing dozens of members in SDG related issues and activities.

Country Ambassador of Youth Opportunities Nepal and SDG Coordinator of Kathmandu University SDG Students Hub had some great discussion about the role of such youth platforms in creating opportunities for youths and grooming the youths to be sustainable development practitioners. Reaching an agreement, to work closely with each other with an aim of meeting common agendas, both sides has planned to schedule a workshop very soon on 'Youth Opportunities and gateway to SDGs'. Youth Opportunities is already a global partner with SDSN Youth which made the excitement more induced for signing the MoU between both parties. Observing  local issues and youth’s lacking in access to information about opportunities, the parties have agreed to work collectively in creating a better space for youth and shape their ideas into initiative. Youth Opportunities, a global online portal has been doing tremendously well, working as an information hub about multiple opportunities and openings that has hugely benefited youth all over the world. YO has been a key instrument in transforming the dream of youth into reality by linking them with their vision. This could be a huge milestone for both the parties for joint initiative in mobilizing university students into the learning and action platform that best transform them from a development learner to the practitioner.

During the orientation and partnership program, most of the participants were found to be bewildered regarding the type of opportunities. Country ambassador on behalf of youth opportunities Nepal, helped them clarify about the various types of opportunities that youth can be benefited by. Additionally, he helped youth  to be linked with important web portals and media platforms to be regularly updated with the opportunities like, exchange programs, workshops, conferences, interaction program, cultural programs, scholarships and so on. The main idea was to introduce such youths into the learning and seeking platform where youth from relevant background could apply for multiple scopes.


YO Nepal and KU SDG Students Hub together has come to an understanding to work for common goal of providing youth with multiple opportunities, groom and facilitate them to work on their interested area of sustainable development. Also, both teams have agreed in linking university students to the professional learning and implementing arena by building a better networking with global youth leaders, intellects, professionals and advocates working on peculiar issues of sustainable development. This initiative from both  teams can ultimately help build a better human resource within the university by transforming the youth to become development practitioners through the illustrious steps of empowerment, facilitation, mobilization and engaging youth to their area of interest in sustainable development.

It has been learned through this partnership that we can imagine potential growth even inside the area of limitations. When many such youth led organizations, clubs and student union come together to meet at the common ground to work for sustainable progress against the local threats, this can further boost the country in moving one step ahead of achieving sustainable development goals by 2030. One important asset that the youth of today’s generation strive for is to seek  an opportunity that can make their dream, a reality. And that transformed reality could be the major turnaround for the holistic development of the country that often gets shaped by the skilled, empowered and trained youth who elsewhere has been the owner of opportunities.


Ajit Bhatta is a graduate from Tribhuvan University in the field of Social work. He is currently doing his Masters Degree in Development Studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts, Nepal. Being involved in different national and international organizations in the past several years, he has learned a tremendous amount of developmental experiences and skills. Since, 2016 He has been working as a regional officer at Reinstalling Hope, an international organization working in the field of education in Nepal. He was appointed as a SDG Coordinator at United Nations – Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth, a global UN Youth Network working on SDGs under the affiliation of UN Secretary General. Recently, he was also selected as a Global Peace Ambassador at Global Peace Chain for the tenure of 2018-2020. He has also written numerous articles and blogs on developmental issues in the SDSN Youth websites and other sources as well.