In recent months, the Youth Solutions Program has started its work on the development of a toolkit on 'Youth and Data' that will ideally become part of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s Data4SDG Toolbox and represent a key outcome of the MYDATA collaborative.

The aim of the toolkit is two-fold. First, we are trying to provide youth-led organizations and businesses with recommendations and best practices that can help them better assess the impacts of their activities against the SDGs. Secondly, we are suggesting ways for governments to integrate youth-led data collection and reporting in national SDG monitoring strategies.

As part of our methodology for developing the toolkit, we have decided to circulate a survey among all youth-led or youth-oriented organisations who are either directly dealing with data as part of their projects or using data for impact assessment purposes. You can access the survey by clicking on the button below.

We would love if you could take a few minutes of your time to help us out by filling it. Let us know at solutions@sdsnyouth.org in case you have any question.