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Join the Campaign!

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Join as an Organisation

Organisations can join the campaign by sending a brief email to with the following details: 

  • Name of your organisation 
  • Your organisation’s Twitter handle 
  • The link to your organisation’s Facebook page  
  • The link to your organisation’s website 
  • You organisation’s logo (must be high resolution) 
  • Name of contact person
  • Email address of contact person 

A confirmation email will be sent to you and the contact person once the partnership has been approved. 

Join as an Individual

Any individual can join the campaign by undertaking the following actions:

  • Choose a commitment that you feel strongly about or make your own (link here)
  • Take a selfie and caption it with the commitment you picked
  • Add the hashtag #OwnYourGoals
  • Post on social media (Twitter or FB)
  • Nominate a friend to participate by tagging them in your post

You can also email us your selfie and commitment ( if you prefer not to post on social media

How to participate:

Take a photo showing us how you are taking ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals. Your photo will be a personal pledge to take local action for the SDGs. You can show us a landmark of your city, get all you community involved, get creative!

Here's an example:

Our Project Leader for Campaigns, Mariele shows us how she is owning her goals. Tell us how you will #OwnYourGoals!

Need some ideas?

Click the button below to find a list of pledges you can make to #OwnYourGoals: