SDSN Youth Programs

SDSN Youth administers a variety of programs to provide youth platforms to mobilize and educate young leaders on the important role they play in advancing the SDGs. Our programs connect young change-makers with like-minded peers and leading sustainable development practitioners with tools and resources to collaborate on contributing toward a more sustainable future.


Youth Solutions PROGRAM

The Youth Solutions Program promotes and offers support to innovative projects tackling the world’s toughest challenges around the SDGs, all led by young professionals and students. These projects range from small businesses to charities, research, and educational programs to advocacy campaigns. The program connects innovators with mentors and therefore provide them the necessary skills and connections to develop their solutions.

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Global Schools Program

The Global Schools Program provides the necessary tools and resources for schools and teachers to educate their students on the SDGs, with a current focus on K-12 schools. Working with educators, the program aims to transform learning environments globally and make schools the hubs of education and leadership on the SDGs, ultimately empowering students to prioritize sustainable development in their lifestyles, behaviors, education and professional careers.

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Local Pathways PROGRAM

The Local Pathways Fellowship is a training program and peer-to-peer learning network that provides young urban innovators with the tools to design and implement programs that champion local pathways to sustainable development. This year, it brings together 70 early career thought leaders, urban planners, researchers and activists from over 50 cities around the world. Throughout a 12-month journey, they exchange knowledge and ideas with leading urban development experts, grassroots organizers, and academics.


SDG Students Program

The SDG Students Program creates spaces on universities where students with no prior experience or engagements with the SDGs can come together to learn about, engage with, and take action on the SDGs. The program aims to groom the average student into a supporter of the SDGs, such that they will carry the importance of sustainability into their future work upon graduation. The semi-physical, semi-virtual space will be hosted at local universities and Facebook Workplace, where Hub Members can connect and interact with others from around the world, as well as with SDSN Youth stakeholders from different programs.