Buket Altınçelep

SDG Coordinator. Ankara, Turkey.

“If I had to describe my role in one word, it would be “changemaker ’’ who desires a change and, by gathering people, knowledge, and resources, makes that change happen.

I really believe that we need to consider the presence of the young population in today’s world, because it is necessary to provide young people with the education and support in the society in order to eliminate the visible as well as invisible obstacles that arise consciously or unconsciously - and in order to mobilize the youth, education and awareness is key.

We wanted to create a “youth-quake at TOBB University”’. “


Dario Piselli

Project Lead, Solutions Team. Remote.

“I realized that despite my impression of this space being only for high-level and political discussions, that the core of entrepreneurship and innovation is to disrupt the status quo, that we could help unlock the potential of millions of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. 

We could completely transform the perception of young people’s role in promoting human well-being in sustainable economic development. We could carve out our own space to lead and make change.”


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