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In 2015, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by 193 UN Member States to shape the global agenda for sustainable development in the next fifteen years and beyond. 

Achieving these goals will require an unprecedented mobilization of the energy and skills of young people, and recognition of their significant role in promoting them. 

The Youth Solutions Report, a flagship initiative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth, features 50 game-changing projects led by young people every year, allowing them to showcase their work, and presenting them with opportunities to draw interest from potential supporters. 



2018 Report

This 2018 edition of the Youth Solutions Report comes 18 months after the publication of the first edition, which was released in January 2017. This second edition again bears the fruits of a months-long process in which SDSN Youth and its partners sourced youth-led solutions across all countries and regions to showcase the innovative approach that young people are taking in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDG Index and Dashboard Report 2017 has included 9 indicators, from financial secrecy to weapons exports, in an attempt to account for how development patterns of the rich countries may generate adverse “spillovers” that may hinder the ability of poorer countries to escape poverty and achieve sustainable development. 

2017 Report