53 Young Leaders Will Help Transform Learning Environments in Their Community to be More Aligned With the Sustainable Development Goals

Today we are excited to announce the 53 Global Schools Ambassadors, who represent the Global Schools Program - an initiative to integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a school setting - and will coordinate local efforts to empower schools and teachers to educate children on the SDGs and why it matters to them.

Global Schools Ambassadors Program will be reaching out to students, teachers, and schools in their local communities to spread the information about SDGs and their importance in school settings. The Ambassadors have gone through an intensive training process, equipping them with knowledge of SDGs and education for sustainable development (ESD) tools to help transform learning environments, promote the SDGs in various school settings, and mobilize young people around the SDGs.

The Ambassadors’ Class of 2018 consists of 53 Ambassadors from 15 countries, representing every region in the world. They are recognized for their passion for empowering students and young people to implement SDGs in their lifestyle, behaviors, and careers.

The SDGs provide a concrete framework and reflect aspirations to create a more sustainable future. Hence, it is important that young people be engaged. Schools offer platforms for students to understand more about sustainable development and it is thus crucial for them to integrate the SDG concepts into school-settings. The ambassadors’ role is not only to directly engage other young students and raise their awareness on the SDGs but also to help schools integrate the SDGs and connect with the relevant organizations through the Global Schools’ network. Together, Ambassadors and schools can explore, design and implement innovative ways of engaging students in the efforts to advocate for the SDGs. Are you interested in to be part of this effort?


About Global Schools Program

Global Schools is an initiative led by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth) in support of UNESCO’s Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP-ESD). We hope to create the next generation of leaders in sustainable development, by educating students on the SDGs through the Global Schools Program. We want to encourage prioritization of the goals in their lifestyles, behaviors, education and professional careers, as these goals provide a framework for a better world that children could live in the futureThe program aims to do this by transforming learning environments globally and making schools the hubs of education and leadership on SDGs, ultimately becoming vehicles for empowering and mobilizing students and young people to help implement the SDGs in their communities.  

Visit our newly revamped website at www.globalschools.info or contact us at global.schools@sdsnyouth.org for more information.