How can I get involved in SDSN Youth?




Network opportunities

SDG Coordinators - Students only

SDG Coordinators are volunteers who work with local SDSN networks to ensure that all students in their university/campus are aware of the SDGs, understand their importance to the wider community and have opportunities to take actions towards their implementation during their studies, and after they graduate. 

Candidates must be students and staff from SDSN Member Institution. Candidates must be physically based at the institution/university hey are seeking to represent. Applications for SDG Coordinators open once a year in the summer.  You can apply on our Join the Team page with the application is open.

Local events or collaboration

We have 18 National/Regional Networks, where our Network Coordinators work towards mobilizing local youth around the SDGs. If you would like to partner or collaborate with one our networks, please find your local network and contact them with the listed email.

Assembly projects

Project Officers - Anyone

SDSN Youth is only able to function with its vast network of volunteers. Project Officers manage our global projects and portfolios: Operations, Communications, Events, Fundraising, Networks, Youth Solutions Initiatives, Arts Twenty Thirty, Local Pathways Fellowship, and the Global Schools Program. Various positions will be advertised throughout the year. Find out which vacancies are open here

Global Schools

Advocates - Students only

The Global Schools Program is about empowering schools and teachers globally to educate children on the SDGs. Global Schools Advocates act as ambassadors in their local communities and schools to spread awareness about the program and help educate the future leaders on sustainability. There is an application process that happens annually, please apply directly on their website.

Arts Twenty Thirty

Artist Network - Anyone

Arts Twenty Thirty brings together creative artists to show how they feel about the SDGs through the medium of art. If you are a creative artist and are passionate about sustainable development, consider joining the network! Please apply directly on their website.




*Youth-led Projects/Organisations. Youth is defined between the ages of 14-30.


Solutions Initiatives

Solution - Must have working prototype

Idea - Does not have to be implemented yet

Solutions / Ideas are picked by a panel of advisors to join the Youth Solutions Report's platform, through which they have access to a series of opportunities for funding, mentoring, networking, and visibility. Please apply directly on their website.

Local Pathways Fellowship

Local Pathways Fellow  

Local Pathways Fellows advance local dialogue, collaboration and problem solving around the Sustainable Development Goals to make cities and urban settlements “smart, fair and sustainable”. There is an application process that happens annually. Please apply directly on their website.

Member Organizations

Member Organization

Membership in SDSN Youth is free and open to student associations, youth-led and youth-focused organizations and other institutions dedicated to youth empowerment and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Member Organizations should have expertise or be active in one or more areas related to sustainable development and commit a substantial amount of their own work towards finding and/or implementing solutions for sustainable development. You can apply here, and see the current list of member here.


UN SDSN Membership

Member universities

Please contact UNSDSN directly to sign up your university as a member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.


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