A global team of 140 members working in 35 countries - including students from top universities and young professionals working in the United Nations, international development, sustainability, and environmental consulting.


20 regional networks to support the localization of SDGs and their implementation and 600+ member organizations from more than 85 countries developing, promoting, and launch solution initiatives around Agenda 2030.



SDSN Youth’s goals and initiatives through 400+ speeches, presentations, and various events worldwide.


In stories from several news outlets, including Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Observer, Devex, Virgin, Impakter, the Age, and Times of India.



With various organizations, civil society institutions, and government bodies across the globe.

Special Thanks


A special thank you to the Human Act foundation for supporting SDSN Youth in its mission to empower youth globally to create solutions for the SDGs. We are grateful to the founders of Human Act, Mr and Mrs Shalchi for their leadership, generosity and contribution to our work.

Been involved in

Global projects (Including the Decarbonisation Pathways Project, Low Emissions Solutions Conference, World Happiness Report, SDG Index & Dashboards)

150+ committees, working groups and panels on behalf of the network (including the UN Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding, UN Policy and Strategy Group, Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data, World Urban Campaign, UN Major Group on Children and Youth, ICYMO Taskforce, and Future Earth)


Major programs and campaigns which empower young people in creating solutions for sustainable development, including:

Local Pathways Fellowship provides young leaders worldwide with the skills to localize SDG actions, and connects them with leading urban development experts and practitioners. 

Youth Solutions Community publishes the annual Youth Solutions Report which features 50 game-changing projects led by young people. 

Global Schools Program generates interest about sustainable development in schools in an effort to educate and engage students. 

Know Your Goals Campaign empowers communities to take ownership of SDGs by inviting local organizers to raise awareness within local campuses and communities, with the involvement of more than 30,000 individuals through approximately 270 events across 50 countries.

Youth, Peace & Security defines a new vision for the role of young people in solving sustainable development challenges by mobilizing opinions and research around the interplay between climate change and youth empowerment.

Vatican Youth Symposium gathers a diverse group of young people from different backgrounds and disciplines for an annual event at the Vatican.